The i3-MARKET Backplane API is the interface that offers all participating data spaces and data marketplaces access to the Backplane. It enables access to all integrated building blocks in a defined way.

Auditable Accounting

The Auditable Accounting component is responsible of registering auditable logs. As such, this component is one of the main tools to enhance the trust in the ecosystem of data marketplaces. Our solution must enforce the Data Services Agreement (DSA) terms, agreed upon all involved parties, by recording them in an auditable, transparent, and immutable way. Smart Contracts are the key part of the proposed solution for auditable accounting. The auditable accounting component is an abstraction layer to access the Smart Contracts and to allow the integration with the rest of the platform. The auditable accounting component is a service which includes an API to automate the process of logging and auditing interactions between components and record the registries in the Blockchain.

The component is built from a Loopback 4 framework which facilitates the management of the smart contract and the database generating an API that allows to integrate the procedures with the backplane. As a high-level definition, the endpoints are divided in two controllers.

Firstly, the RegistryBlockchain controller manages the smart contract interactions and has the following endpoints:

  • POST /calculateMerkleRoot: Gets the pending registries from distributed storage that are not included in the current root and computes the new one.
  • GET /getCurrentRoot: Gets the current root from the smart contract.
  • POST /updateRegistries: Updates the status of the stored transactions and computes a new transaction.

On the other hand, there is the Registry controller, which is the responsible to manage the data hashes that will be included in the auditable accounting system.

  • GET /registries/count: Returns the number of stored registries.
  • PUT /registries/{id}: Forces the creation of a specific registry.
  • PATCH /registries/{id}: Updates a specific registry.
  • GET /registries/{id}: Returns the value of a specific registry.
  • DELETE /registries/{id}: Removes a specific registry.
  • POST /registries: Generates a new registry.
  • GET /registries: Returns the value of the registries.


Distributed Storage


Notification Manager

Component in charge of providing the means for allowing notification in i3-Market.


Semantic Engine

The Semantic engine currently supports the following APIs, which include registration, searching, updating, and deletion of different offerings.

  • GET /categories-list:
  • GET /offeringId:
  • GET /providerId:
  • POST /data-offering:
  • DELETE /delete-offering/

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