Public Repository in GitLab and GitHub

i3-MARKET partners have built the backplane to ensure that trust, privacy, and security are embedded in the integration processes so that data transactions can be carried out with confidence. This is done via the use of smart contracts and robust privacy standards, ensuring that all relevant European legislation is respected.

The i3-MARKET strategic plan to enlarge the ecosystem and reach out to the largest developer communities with this i3-MARKET Public Version has proceeded with success and i3-MARKET backplane V2 is now accessible. The i3-MARKET’s developers’ team has made an extra effort to release the V2 in two largest open-source developers communities.

GitLab and Github Public Repositories: i3-market-v3-public-repository

Gitlab and Github are well-known platforms as they are amongst the largest and most popular Open-Source communities. To ensure the transparency of the release, i3-MARKET has undertaken all necessary efforts to establish an automatic synchronisation and the OSS governance methodology to support members of both communities. This means that assets that are committed and released in one platform is available to the other community in a matter of few minutes.

With the release of the public version of the software, stakeholders, developers, companies can now begin to test the tools and onboarding process, so that they can learn, interact, experiment, and contribute with the development and improvement of the solutions. This process is simultaneously being validated internally, through the deployment of three pilots that connect ATOS, Siemens, and IBM data marketplaces to the i3-Market Backplane. i3-MARKET project consortium have made available a collection of information resources for the project and the project details that can be reached at:
i3-MARKET main Project Website: <> and the i3-MARKET community and open-source Developers Portal:

Software Licenses in the i3-MARKET project

Two OSS Licenses apply to the i3-MARKET project:

  • Apache License 2.0: The 2.0 version of the Apache License, approved by the ASF in 2004, helps us achieve our goal of providing reliable and long-lived software products through collaborative, open-source software development. EUPL: The licence is the legal instrument allowing you to use, check, modify and distribute free/open source software (F/OSS or FLOSS). You can see the full text here:

i3-MARKET Backplane Technical information

Here is the technical information for the main sections of the project:

i3-MARKET Architecture

Take a look at the main building blocks and their hierarchy.

Data Access API

The secure Data Access API enables data providers secure registration…

Data Storage

The Decentralised storage shall provide highest available security guarantees…

Identity and Access Management

The SSI & IAM subsystem is in charge of providing both “User-centric Authentication” and…

Smart Contracts, Wallets & Accounting

i3-M Wallet is a set of technologies that facilitate the management of their identity to…

Crypto Token and Monetization System

The Data Monetization subsystem is in charge of providing “Standard Payments”…

Semantic Engine

We developed and implemented dedicated software components for Semantic Engine System as…

Developers Quickstart SDK

Once a marketplace is part of i3-MARKET, it can issue credentials to its consumers, providers, and…

Developers Quickstart SDK

Once a marketplace is part of i3-MARKET, it can issue credentials to its consumers, providers, and…


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