i3-MARKET Backplane V3

i3-MARKET backplane V3 software is publicly available via GitLab and GitHub. V3 Release includes the latest developments from industrial stakeholders feedback, Consultation events with SMEs and entrepreneurs, Industry stakeholders and developer communities.

i3-MARKET Backplane V2

i3-MARKET backplane V2 Backplane software is now publicly available to the Community. V2 Release is built based on industrial stakeholders feedback, Consultation events with SMEs, Developers, Industry stakeholders and collecting requirements and demands from developer communities and entrepreneurs.

i3-MARKET Backplane V1

i3-MARKET Backplane V1 is released to Industrial stakeholders, the consortium organised a number of Online events (due to COVID-19) with SMEs, Developers, and Industry stakeholders and presented i3-MARKET V1 to communities and stakeholders as part of ecosystem enlargement.

i3-MARKET Artefacts Release (Beta)

21 Arfetacts integrated in the Gateway API, and the SDK core is deployed. We are happy no announce the release of the specifications and the first deployment. Developers Portal with all technical information and specification is also accessible for Developer communities.

i3-MARKET Artefacts – Alpha

We are starting the year with right foot, we have 19 software artefacts and we continue developing the APIs to connect them all with the Gateway API, we also have the first design of the SDK and the Docker Compose to facilitate software developments.